Hoists and Rail Systems

The Glackin Solutions brand has excelled in large part due to its talent for Hoisting Solutions and Overhead Tracking. At Glackin Solutions, we firmly believe that the right solution for lifting, moving or positioning is not just a question of selecting a lifting product. The total solution must be in line with our concept for ensuring a safe and efficient working environment.

Nursing Home Beds

We supply 5 different nursing home beds. Each model is of the highest quality, and is aimed towards different necessities and concerns such as safety, mobility and comfort.

There is a bed here to suit all individuals needs, and beds are customizable via our wide range of accessories.


For those who enjoy the hearty heat of a relaxing soak, Eganmed offer a range of bathtubs designed to provide safe, dignified and comfortable bathing for the elderly and the infirm at home.


Here at Glackin Solutions we supply a large range of chairs, drawers, wardrobes and all of your nursing home furniture needs.