Hoisting and Patient Handling

The Glackin Solutions brand has excelled in large part due to its talent for Hoisting Solutions and Overhead Tracking. At Glackin Solutions, we firmly believe that the right solution for lifting, moving or positioning is not just a question of selecting a lifting product. The total solution must be in line with our concept for ensuring a safe and efficient working environment.

Glackin Solutions have successfully provided innovative and creative solutions to lifting problems where buildings and dimensions initially did not lend themselves to Overhead Tracking. Yet time and time again, we have consistently delivered an efficient and ergonomic work tool that takes the stain out of moving and handling.

GH3-Ceiling Hoist

GH2-Ceiling Hoist

Mobile Hoists

Lift to Stand Hoist

Mortuary System Hoist

Accident and Emergency Hoist

Pool Side Hoist

Equestrian Hoist

Hospital Hoist - ICU Hoist

Cat Scan Hoist

Bariatric Hoist

Rail Systems

Slings and Accessories